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Ways to Avoid Spam in Social Networking Sites

nternet users today face varied types of risks while online. They may encounter cyber attacks such those brought by viruses or malwares as well as those perpetuated by humans such as identity theft and phishing. All of these can be done via email and the widely used social media sites. One of the most annoying […]

How to Make your Website more Social

If you own or run a website, you might find that you are making all the conventionally right moves for your site to feature high in rankings, yet there seems to be something lacking in how you come across to visitors and potential clients. Here are a few tips that are sometimes overlooked and that […]

Thieves Inexplicably Stole 20 Tons of Chocolate From German Town

Part of me wants to be really mad at the people who pulled this off and part of me wants to secretly congratulate them on the greatest chocolate thievery in history and how flawlessly they pulled it off. Sorry, getting ahead of myself. In Central Germany some unknown chocolate bandits stole an entire trailer truck […]

18-Wheeler Smashed To Bits When Collides With Freight Train

Apparently, this particular set of train tracks in Locust, Georgia is a big problem for 18-wheelers, with trains getting stuck there regularly. But in this one recent case, a local woman grabbed a camera when she realized that one train was NOT going to make it out in time. The end result is an 18-wheeler […]

Man Displays Why You Do NOT Buy Cheap Mountain Bike For Actual Mountains

This is why you spend a little more than normal and don’t purchase your mountain bike from Walmart. There seems to be a rather big difference between his ease of use and his friend who has a real ‘mountain bike’. In this case, spend a little more a get the smoother ride. This guy seems […]

5 Working Methods to Explode News Traffic Back to Your Site

If you have a website, a blog or even a business online, you are likely already using social media in one way or another. In fact, you are probably trying to use both your site content and social media together to increase traffic back to your site while reaching new audiences in the process. With […]

Mom Being Questioned For Shooting Home Invader: “It Was Him or Me”

If someone came into your home brandishing a gun and you also had a firearm, would you react and shoot the person? If you answer is yes, you are in the same school of thought one Marietta woman named Keandre Funches. You best figure out your local state’s laws about such acts because one Mother […]

If You Are Scared of Big Fish, DO NOT WATCH THIS!

One minute, you are fishing and everything is right with the world, next thing you know, the very thing you are praying you catch breaches and flips your boat. in this case, a massive Grouper showed these fishermen that you MIGHT wanna be careful what you try to put on a hook, as sometimes, they […]

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